City markets closed as City Hall workers strike

City markets closed as City Hall workers strike

Scores of workers of the Georgetown City Council launched strike action on Monday morning forcing the closure of the Stabroek market and the Bourda market.

Stall holders became furious as they turned up at work only to find locked gates. Some stall holders who were in the market early said they were asked to leave and those who refused to leave were locked in.

Many of the stall holders said City Hall needs to address the issue immediately since at this busy shopping season, they stand to lose millions if the markets remain closed.

“The other day was the flood that shut we down, now the workers from City Hall gone on strike. City Council need to give them people what they want and open this market, I invest plenty for Christmas”, one female vendor told News Source.

The union representing workers threatened the strike action last week as they pressed for better salaries and improved working conditions.


File: 15th December, 2014

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