Kitty woman attacked with acid over noise complaint

Kitty woman attacked with acid over noise complaint

A Station Street, Kitty family is convinced that their recent complaint to the Commissioner of Police over the noise nuisance from a nearby bar, led to an acid attack on Saturday morning.

52-year-old Mala Persaud was rushed to the Georgetown Hospital after a man approached her and threw the substance on her on Saturday morning. The woman has suffered a number of burns to her body.

According to her son Sunil, his mother was taking the family’s car out of the yard when she was approached by a man she had seen in the area the night before.

The young man said his mother said that the man who came out of a taxi with an umbrella and a cup in his hands enquired about whether she sold cigarettes. The Persaud family operates a small grocery shop just opposite the bar that residents in the area filed a complaint against.

“She told him we don’t sell single cigarettes and he began to walk away, so she went back into the car to reverse it when he approached the car and told her he had something to show her. She looked around and he threw the acid at her. Luckily it did not damage her eyes but parts of her face, legs and shoulder are all burnt”, Sunil explained to News Source. He showed us the inside of the family car and the damage that was done to the driver’s seat by the acid.

He said he heard his mother’s screams and rushed to her aid but by then, her attacker had already made his escape in the waiting taxi. He said his mother is sure that she saw the same young man who she described as tall and of afro Guyanese decent, in the area the night before talking to the owner of the bar opposite her home and grocery shop.

The son said the residents in the area decided to file an official complaint against the owners of the Bar on Tuesday after they had become tired of the loud music that would play on every night into the early mornings. He said there have been instances where the music played on loudly from the bar until 5 in the morning and residents were tired.

The Bar he said, is co owned by a Police Officer and the officer verbally abused some residents after he learnt on Wednesday that they had filed a complaint with the Commissioner of Police against the business. The young Persaud said ever since the complaint, persons who were apart of the neighbourhood team to file the complaint have found themselves under attack. He said on Thursday someone pitched an object at his house which shattered the glass door.

The owners of the Station Street, Kitty Bar have disregarded several warnings from the police about the noise nuisance. The Saturday morning attack on Mala Persaud is being seen as a move to silence persons in the area who have complained to the police.

The incident is being investigated by the Criminal Investigations Department of the Police Force.

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