Woman confesses she was hired to kill Industry woman

Woman confesses she was hired to kill Industry woman

A young woman who is believed to be the employee at a city hotel has reportedly confessed to being involved in the attempted murder of an East Coast Demerara woman saying.

According to Police sources, the young woman admitted that she was promised one hundred and thirty thousand dollars to murder Industry resident Linda Phillips.

Investigators said that around 11am on Thursday, the suspect who has since been identified as Keanna Griffith of Princes Street, Georgetown, in the company of a young man only known as “Shawn”, visited the Crown Dam, Industry home of Linda Phillips. The two posed as nurses and said they were carrying out community health checks in the area.

 Phillips reportedly opened her home to the two and was savagely attacked. Investigators said she the male attacker held her mouth while the female attacker stabbed her repeatedly to the back, her arms and her legs.

It was a neighbour who heard the screams and tumbling in the house and rushed to Phillips’ aid. Persons in the area were able to chase down and “arrest” the female attacker while the man-made good his escape, according to residents.

The injured woman was rushed to the hospital where is nursing several injuries. The husband of the injured woman believes that an ex girlfriend of his who has been making threats may have been behind the attack. A police investigation is underway.

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