Linden woman attempts to kill children with insulin

Linden woman attempts to kill children with insulin

A young mother of two children at Linden has been taken into police custody after she reportedly fed her children a high dose of the insulin diabetes drug, in a case of attempted murder and attempted suicide.

Insulin is used for the treatment of various types of diabetes and an overdose could lead to several medical complications, according to medical sources who are familiar with its use.

Police sources at Linden have confirmed that the woman was taken into custody on Friday morning, moments after she bought a poisonous substance and admitted to a co-worker at the Linden Hospital that she overdosed her two young children with insulin and wanted to take her own life.

The Police  were called in and the children were rushed to the hospital where they remain patients. Hospital sources explained that the two young children appear to be doing well and have responded well to treatment.

The young woman who hospital sources explained works as a nursing assistant at the same hospital may have been in a depressed state over her children’s illness. Both children reportedly suffer from sickle-cell. Hospital sources believe that condition may have actually worked in their favour when they were fed the insulin.

There are also reports that the woman was also unhappy over a recent court ruling that granted visitation rights to the father of the children. The woman reportedly wanted her children to have nothing to do with their father.

News Source understands that the woman may have also sent text messages to relatives and friends apologising for her action. The Criminal Investigations Department of the Police Force at Linden is handling the matter and the Child Welfare Department has also been notified.  Investigations are ongoing.


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