Woman dies in Plaisance fire

Woman dies in Plaisance fire

A 37-year-old woman died early on Sunday morning in a fire that ripped through her home and two other houses in Victoria Road, Plaisance on the East Coast of Demerara. The woman has been identified as Suzanne Sylvia McNeil.

According to her brother who was called from his East Bank home by relatives after they learnt of the tragedy, the woman lived alone and had no children. The brother, Mark McNeil said he received a call from a sister-in-law around 4 o clock on Sunday  morning, informing him that his sister house was ablaze.

He said by the time he got to the scene, the house was already burnt to the ground as the sun began to peak out around 5:30 am. He said he is unaware of what may have started the blaze but from all appearances, his sister was asleep and may have been killed in her sleep.

The man told News Source that his sister had no children.

The early morning fire also completely gutted a nearby house and scorched a third. Neighbours said they were forced into action to save what they could from their own homes but they had no idea that the woman was at home at the time. It was only after the fire was fully extinguished, that her body was spotted among the debris.

The family of the third house that was scorched managed to pull several house hold items from their home. Although the house was badly damaged, they appeared grateful that it was not burnt to the ground like the other two.

On Sunday morning in Plaisance, many villagers appeared in shock over the death of the woman. Some said they heard about the fire but were unaware that someone had died in the blaze.

Police and Fire investigators have cordoned off the scene and have launched an investigation to ascertain what may have caused the early morning fire at Plaisance.

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