Woman freed of girlfriend’s murder at Red Dragon

Woman freed of girlfriend’s murder at Red Dragon

A Georgetown woman who was charged with the stabbing murder of her girlfriend walked out of the High Court a free woman on Monday after the jury returned a not guilty verdict on the murder charge and the judge informed the accused that she had been acquitted.

The woman, Tiffney Clarke, wasted no time and hurried out of the courtroom. She was charged in 2011 for the murder of her girlfriend Sonobia James at the Red Dragon Bar on Robb Street.

The two women who were involved in a relationship for years got into a fight after James walked into the club and saw Clarke talking to another woman. Clarke told investigators that her girlfriend began beating her and pulling her by her hair while accusing her of infidelity.

During the fight, a knife reportedly fell from the purse of James and Clarke grabbed it and reportedly stabbed the girlfriend. She said the relationship was an abusive one and her girlfriend used the same knife to cut and threaten her whenever they got into arguments.

The Jury took 4 hours to return the not guilty verdict.


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