Enmore man charged for staging own kidnapping

Enmore man charged for staging own kidnapping

A 19-year-old young man from Enmore who staged his own kidnapping was placed on $200,000 Bail on Monday after he was charged with attempt to commit a felony to wit obtaining money by false pretence.

 The young man Ramraj Singh went missing last Monday. His parents received a  phone call the following day informing them that he had been kidnapped and a demand for $3.5 million was made for his safe return.

The family contacted the police and during the investigations the police realized that the entire story had been made up as they tracked his cellphone calls. A sting operation was set up giving a time and place for the dropping off of the money. It was the young man himself who turned up to pick up the ransom money.

He was arrested and placed before the courts.

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