Rohee silent on Ramkarran’s take down of Jagdeo

Rohee silent on Ramkarran’s take down of Jagdeo

General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party, Clement Rohee on Monday offered no comment on the stinging article written by former Speaker and former PPP Executive Member Ralph Ramkarran on the grip that former President Bharrat Jagdeo is trying to keep on the party and the Government.

At a Monday morning press conference, Mr. Rohee simply said “I am not dealing with that this morning”, when asked for his position on the Ramkarran article. Just last Monday, Mr. Rohee when asked to comment on stories carried by the Guyana Times and the Guyana Chronicle pushing a Jagdeo 3rd term, declared that the PPP was behind President Donald Ramotar. Mr. Jagdeo is constitutionally barred from seeking the Presidential Office again, but some of his close friends have been trying to tell the party supporters that Jagdeo would be best to lead the PPP and the Government again.

The articles triggered a probe by the Office of the President into how the Guyana Chronicle published the story that was reportedly based on a bogus poll and came one day after the Guyana Times carried the same story. The Guyana Times is owned by Mr. Jagdeo’s  best friend.

Writing on his blog Conversation Tree, the former Speaker of the National Assembly Ralph Ramkarran sought to explain the Jagdeo obsession with power and why some of his close friends may be pushing an agenda to rally support to get him back in charge of the Government and the PPP.

Mr. Ramkarran said “President Ramotar is now paying the price for inaction, which will probably continue and which will become increasingly costly. Dr. Jagdeo, salivating for office, is not going to give up against President Ramotar and the PPP who are not his comrades, but instruments of his now monumental ego and ambition. Scheming has been perfected into a high art.”

Ramkarran who served as Speaker of the National Assembly but never got a cabinet position under the Jagdeo presidency also wrote that “Dr. Jagdeo, who now has nothing but contempt for the alleged failings of the leadership of the PPP and of the Government, arrogantly sees little obstacle in his path even though, as one comrade told him immediately after the elections in 2011, ‘it was your mansion and pension that caused the loss.’ The comrade, deprived of high office as a consequence, omitted the cussing out, loud music, lewd dancing, big rallies and years of hostility to sugar workers, all designed by the genius”.

President Donald Ramotar is believed to be very upset by the newspapers article since he believes, according to sources, that they bring his management of the Government into question and come across as disrespectful. Ramkarran who is also a Senior Counsel believes there is one way that the President could deal with the challenges that appear to be coming his way.

“Unless the Jagdeo grip on the throat of the Party and Government is prised open by President Ramotar, finger by finger, and he nurtures the leaders mentioned above, and they in turn show some political courage, the intellectual successors of Dr. Jagdeo will eventually inherit the leadership of the Party and Government, and he and they will have the last laugh”, he wrote.

The full article on The Jagdeo Challenge could be read on the Conversation Tree Blog by following the link


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