Government offers more clarifications and explanations in writing to UN Human Rights Committee

Government offers more clarifications and explanations in writing to UN Human Rights Committee

The Government has submitted written responses to the United Nations Human Rights Committee, as part of the ongoing review of Guyana’s Third Periodic Report by the Committee which took place from March 18- 24. 

The Government said its written submission is intended to provide updates and additional information in response to the questions raised by the Human Rights Committee in relation to the implementation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR).

In the additional submission, the Government said it has placed on record, the “facts” surrounding several issues that were raised in an “inaccurate and misinformed manner during the review, particularly in relation to the corruption allegations against the Judiciary, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the sitting Vice President of Guyana”.

While not releasing the newly submitted information, the Government said it objects to the allegations and has urged the Human Rights Committee to carry out due diligence to verify the information it receives before making “unfounded allegations,”.

On the issue of Constitutional Commissions, the Government noted that all the Constitutional Commissions which also function as safeguards in Guyana’s human rights architecture are all in place and are functioning, adding that it has explained that every citizen in Guyana, without discrimination, has access to a fair and independent justice system on all matters and encourages formal complaints on corruption allegations be made to the relevant domestic commissions and redress mechanisms available for an appropriate investigation to be carried out.

The Government again rejected allegations in relation to media and press freedom, calling on the Committee to fact check allegations on the ownership of the local media in Guyana, while claiming that more than a dozen social commentators and government critics operate daily talk shows across multiple broadcast social media platforms, with no interference from the government.

It did not name those “Government critics”.

According to the Government, it places importance to consultation and inclusivity in decision making at all levels, adding that the constitutional reform which is expected to commence this year will take a consultative approach, and every Guyanese will determine relevant constitutional amendments.

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