France to open Embassy in Guyana in 2025

France to open Embassy in Guyana in 2025

The Governments of Guyana and France have announced that the two countries are taking steps to improve their relations with the establishment of a French embassy in Guyana.

President Irfaan Ali, met with the Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs of the French Republic Stéphane Séjourné, on Monday at State House to discuss a range of issues. 

Following the meeting, the two sides issued a joint Communique, which stated that apart from the ongoing security cooperation, Guyana will acquire maritime patrol assets from France. The joint statement said that serves as further illustration of the commitment of the two sides to strengthening their bilateral relationship.

“Given the desire to forge closer links as neighbouring countries and friends, Guyana and France have decided to write a new chapter in their history by opening a French Embassy in Georgetown in 2025. France will be the first EU country with this level of diplomatic representation in Guyana. Opening a French Embassy will boost the development of cooperation in various sectors, including the economy, in priority areas for Guyana where French companies hold renowned expertise,” the joint Communique stated. 

The move will also allow the French embassy to begin issuing Schengen visas in Guyana.

The Communique stated that the Embassy will also contribute to strengthening ties between Guyana and French Guiana, as well as French relations with the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

The Guyana Government says it looks forward to the establishment of the Embassy which signals the benefits of the economic transformation being experienced by the nation and the interest of France in developing its relations with the Caribbean region.

“The two countries are keen to strengthen cooperation to ensure the security and stability of the Guiana Shield and combat organized crime in the region. They are also engaged in efforts to tackle climate-related issues and protect Amazonia, which is a priority for both countries, given their connection to the Amazon region,” the Communique stated. 

The two countries have also agreed to establish a Joint Working Group to identify priorities to deepen cooperation in the following areas: defence, climate change, food security, infrastructure, technology and tourism.

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