Table Tennis set to become part of National Schools Championships

Table Tennis set to become part of National Schools Championships

The annual Guyana Teachers Union (GTU)/ Ministry of Education National School Championships usually comprises of events such as Track and Field, Cycling and Swimming but President of the Guyana Table Tennis Association (GTTA) Godfrey Munroe made the disclosure at a recent press conference that the ultimate goal is to have the sport added to the 2017 edition of the championships.

“Ultimately, the goal is to have the sport added to the championships, the central aim of the plan is to orient students and players of the game in a fun way; secondly it is to develop school teams, school teams that will compete in inter-school, inter-district and culminate into the National frame work in terms of the National championships”, the GTTA President said.

Munroe added that “the GTU has agreed at their congress that they will enshrine it into the National championships where points will be allocated just like swimming, athletics and cycling”.

In revealing how the GTTA, plans to partner with the GTU and the Ministry of Education, Munroe disclosed that targeting specific districts in an effort to unearth talent.

He explained, “we are targeting eleven of GTU sport districts in six regions; we will be looking to pull the talent from the respective districts in clusters to bring into structured National teams as a way of developing those talents”.

The back drop of having the sport implemented into the National championships come from the fact that a nationwide outreach programme is on the cards.

“Soon we will be having a nationwide table tennis for schools/National Athlete development plan where we will be targeting 106 schools, having resident coaches and the equipment is already in the country.

The aim to reintroduce the sport in schools across the country is collaboration between the GTU, Guyana Olympic Association and the Government of Guyana through the National Sports commission.



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