Urban Development Master Plan being developed for Georgetown

An Urban Development Master Plan will be created by an inter-agency task force with the aim of transforming Georgetown and its environs into a 21st century space, ahead of oil production next year.  This was announced today at the Regency Hotel where the Central Housing and Planning Authority-led (CHPA) task force was launched. To transform […]

“Fit and Proper” Ramjattan lands AFC Delegates endorsement as next PM Candidate for Coalition

Delegates of the Alliance for Change on Saturday afternoon endorsed the party’s Leader Khemraj Ramjattan as the Prime Ministerial Candidate for the APNU+AFC Coalition. Under the terms fo the agreement which formed the coalition just over four years ago, the AFC would name the Prime Ministerial Candidate. Mr. Ramjattan was endorsed for the position through […]

Motorcyclist dies in Vlissengen road smash up

A motorcyclist became the country’s latest road accident victim this afternoon in a gruesome smash up at the corner of Regent Street and Vlissengen road. The dead man has been identified as Mark Sauers of Paradise Housing Scheme. Friends have described him as a dirt bike fanatic. The motorcyclist had a pillion rider with him […]