President leaves for official visit to Ghana

President leaves for official visit to Ghana

President Irfaan Ali left Guyana today for an official visit to Ghana. In a statement today, the Office of the President said that while in Ghana, the President will receive the Global Africa Leadership Award for his “strong and transformational leadership”.

The President’s Office said the honour also recognises President Ali’s commitment to building ‘One Guyana’ by emphasizing the need for unity, inclusivity, and shared prosperity and his strong and principled leadership during the period of heightened tension due to the border controversy between Guyana and Venezuela.

During his official visit, the President is also expected to deliver the keynote address at the Presidential Dialogues session and participate in panel discussions at the Africa Prosperity Dialogues Summit of Heads of State and Business Leaders.

Meanwhile, the International Decade of Peaople of African Decent Assembly-Guyana (IDPADA-G) has issued a call on the African Prosperity Network to withdraw its bestowal of the African Global
Leadership award to President Irfaan AIi.

The Organisation said while the President and his Government continue to make politically correct statements on the international stage, the Government’s domestic actions do not match the talk.

IDPADA-G highlighted a number of issues facing the African-Guyanese community that have been overlooked by the Government, and noted the withdrawal of funds from the organisation for the past three years.

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