GECOM warns against taking photos of ballot vote at Monday’s elections

GECOM warns against taking photos of ballot vote at Monday’s elections

The Guyana elections Commission has warned that the use of cameras and cell phones in voting stations is strictly prohibited.

The Commission published a notice in the local media today, warning against persons using camera or their phones to snap photographs while in the voting booths.

GECOM explained that pursuant to the provisions of Section 84 of the Local Authorities (Elections) Act, the general public is notified that the use of cameras and/or cell phones inside of any polling station/voting compartment during the conduct of Local government elections on Monday June 12, 2023 is strictly prohibited.

During a press conference yesterday, the APNU accused the PPP of intimidating citizens who traditionally support the APNU and requesting that they take photographs of their vote.

APNU Member of Parliament, Amanza Walton-Desir alleged that a number of her party’s supporters specifically those employed under the government’s part time job initiative, were being asked to take photos of their ballot when they vote on Monday.  She said the party is in receipt of a number of similar complaints especially for Linden and Georgetown.

Earlier this week the APNU in a statement expressed alarm over reports that individuals were being forced to take pictures of their ballots as a prerequisite for keeping their jobs, thereby undermining the secrecy of the ballot and compromising the integrity of the electoral process

“Voter secrecy, also known as secrecy of the ballot, is a fundamental democratic principle that ensures voters can freely and anonymously exercise their right to vote without fear of intimidation or reprisal. It is designed to prevent powerful individuals or groups from influencing voters’ choices and to safeguard the integrity and fairness of elections,” the APNU has said.

The APNU also lashed out at a candidate of the PPP who showcased a ballot from the Disciplined Services vote, showing that her party had received the support of one of the electors.

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