Intruder stabbed to death by Brickdam homeowner

Intruder stabbed to death by Brickdam homeowner

A 31-year-old man who allegedly broke into a Brickdam house and came face to face with the occupants was stabbed to death late last night in a confrontation.

The dead man has been identified as 31-year-old Christopher Gonsalves, who was known to law enforcement, and had been previously charged on a number of occasions for break and entry.

A police report of last night’s incident explained that at around 11:30pm, one of the occupants of the home said he was alerted by a scream which caused him to investigate.

He claimed that he reportedly confronted an intruder in the kitchen and a fight broke out between them. During that fight, it was reported to the Police that the alleged intruder armed himself with knife and attacked the occupant of the house who confronted him, stabbing him to the chest.

The Police said another occupant of the house arrived at home around the same time and saw the intruder standing in the kitchen with the knife, over the body of his colleague on the floor.

The occupant claimed that as the intruder advanced to him, he armed himself with a knife and he attacked and stabbed the man.

An alarm was raised and emergency services were summoned. The badly injured intruder and the other man were both taken to the hospital, where doctors pronounced the intruder dead.

The man who stabbed the intruder was also taken to the hospital and is nursing injuries sustained from his reported clash with the intruder.

A full Police investigation is underway. The two occupants of the house have been admitted to the hospital and remain under Police guard.

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