Suspected accomplice of prison escapee shot dead after arrest by Joint Services; -Police claim he snatched gun and attempted to escape custody

Suspected accomplice of prison escapee shot dead after arrest by Joint Services; -Police claim he snatched gun and attempted to escape custody

33-year-old Neon Howard, who the Police have indicated was an accomplice in the escape of notorious death row inmate, Royden Williams aka Smallie, was shot dead by members of the Joint Services after he was already under arrest, but allegedly made an attempt to escape.

In a statement this evening, the Guyana Police Force said the East Coast Demerara man was shot dead after he reportedly snatched a firearm from one of the arresting ranks and attempted to escape.

The Police said that based on information, a party of Joint Services ranks visited the St. Mary’s Quarry area in the Essequibo river early this morning and they came upon the suspect.

The man was arrested without incident, and based on the Police report, he was not armed at the time.

However, the Police claim that following his arrest, while the suspected accomplice was being escorted by the Police through a trail on an All Terrain Vehicle, he suddenly snatched a firearm from a Policeman’s lap, hopped off the ATV and attempted to run away.

The Police claim that while the man was running away, he attempted to “crank” the firearm he had reportedly stolen, but was shot by another Joint Services rank who was carrying an AK-47 rifle.

According to the Police statement, the suspect fell into a ditch of water, and it was another rank who was armed with a 9mm weapon who fired three shots at the already injured suspect, hitting him twice and killing him on the spot.

The man’s body was taken to the Bartica Hospital, where a doctor officially pronounced him dead on arrival.

The Police said a search of a bag that the suspect had in his possession revealed a samsung phone, a camouflage hammock, a pair of sneakers, vitamin c and iron tablets along with malaria tablets, a pack of cook-up seasoning and an underwear.

The Police in the statement this evening also indicated that an eyewitness has since positively identified the late suspect, Neon Howard, as one of the accomplices in the escape of the death row inmate.

An investigation is underway by the Police as the search continue for the escapee.

The Police statement was released this evening moments after a photograph of the suspect just after his arrest was leaked to the media. The man was alive in the photograph and could be seen lying on his back while someone was pressing down his abdomen with one of their feet.

In an earlier statement, the Police had claimed that the man was shot dead during an armed confrontation.

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