Prison escapee and accomplice shot dead during confrontation with joint services -Police

Prison escapee and accomplice shot dead during confrontation with joint services  -Police

Notorious convicted murderer and prison escapee, Royden Williams aka “Smallie” was shot dead during an armed confrontation with members of the Joint Services this morning, the Guyana Police Force has reported.

The Police also confirmed that an accomplice of the escapee was also shot dead in the confrontation. The accomplice has been identified as Odel Roberts aka “Gully Side”, who was acquitted three years ago on a murder charge.

The escapee and his accomplice were reportedly cornered at 33 Miles, Bartica Potaro in Region 7.

Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum, while confirming the two deaths, would not offer any details about the operation.

Two weeks ago, the death row inmate made a daring escape from the Mazaruni Prison, as a boatload of armed gunmen provided protection for him.

His escape resulted in six persons, including four Prison Officers being charged in connection with his escape and another man, who was named as an accomplice being shot dead by the Joint Services. A $10 million reward for information leading to his recapture was also offered by the state.

Williams’ escape from the high security prison in the Mazaruni raised a number of questions about security at the jailhouse and special treatment being given to certain inmates.

One of the persons charged in connection with the escape is a Venezuelan woman, who reportedly visited him moments before the escape. Questions have been raised as to how the foreign national who worked as a cook and a lady of the night in the interior region was granted permission and clearance to visit the death row inmate.

This was not the first time that the notorious criminal escaped from Prison. Back in 2017, the then dreadlocked man made good an escape from the Camp Street jail after fire was set to the building. He was caught a few months after.

He was charged and found guilty in connection with the February 2008 Bartica Massacre. He was also charged and found guilty in connection with the murder of a member of the Guyana Defence Force.

Williams was facing the death penalty in connection with those convictions.

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