Pilot on $1.3Million bail over trafficking in persons charges

Pilot on $1.3Million bail over trafficking in persons charges

Pilot and businessman Orlando Charles appeared in the Bartica Magistrates’ Court virtually this morning and was charged on 16 counts of trafficking in persons. He is accused of trafficking 16 Venezuelan nationals over the past two months.

Charles pleaded not guilty to each of the 16 charges and was granted bail in the total sum of $1.3 million.

Earlier this week, the Guyana Police Force issued a wanted bulletin for the pilot after receiving the trafficking in persons complaints against him.

In response, the Pilot issued a statement denying the allegations and indicating that the persons making the complaints against him were foreign workers who had a dispute with him over salaries that were paid to them.

The man said he was surprised with the allegations since he played no part in transporting the workers to Guyana and never held them against their will.

Charles is expected back in Court in the next two weeks.

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