“I am not Burnham, I am David Granger, the President of the future”

“I am not Burnham, I am David Granger, the President of the future”

Speaking before hundreds of Guyanese nationals in Queens, New York  on Sunday afternoon, Presidential Candidate for the APNU+AFC coalition, retired Brigadier David Granger declared that he is the President of the future and will not be one who will get stuck in the past.

At the Town Hall style meeting, Granger was asked directly how can he assure Guyanese that the country would not return to the days of late President Forbes Burnham who died 30 years ago.

“I am not Burnham. I am David Granger”, he declared to loud applause as he reminded that “Forbes Burnham died 30 years ago in 1985, and I am the President of the future and I am leading Guyana into the future. I am not leading Guyana back into the past and I have at my side, Moses Nagamootoo and both of us are living for the future not the past”.

Mr. Granger told the Guyanese gathered that a government under his watch would make Guyana safe again for investment and their families. He said over the past years, the PPP Civic administration has failed to address the crime problem in the country as it continues to ignore the Disciplined Services report and international recommendations.  IMG_3208

He said Guyana sees robberies every single day and the problem cannot be ignored as it remains a threat to investment and the country’s development.

The New York area is home to the largest number of Guyanese migrants in the United States. It is estimated that there may well be more than 500,000 Guyanese living in North America alone. Granger told the Queens, New York meeting that “I know you want to go back, but you want to be safe and the person to make you safe is standing right before you”.

“We know the problems that Guyana is suffering from now and we want to guarantee you security. We want to guarantee your safety and that will be guaranteed by this government of national unity.”

The Presidential Candidate said it is time for Guyana to be transformed and the APNU+AFC coalition is ready with that transformation.  He told the gathering that poverty remains a major  problem in the country and human development will be the cornerstone of a Granger administration. He said the high number of school drop outs and single parent homes cannot be ignored. Education, he believes, will play the greatest role in the transformation of Guyana.

IMG_3180Mr. Granger said the coalition will continue to speak about national unity because Guyana is divided at this stage and there must be a healing of that division. He noted that the division has prevented the development of Guyana.

He reflected on the problems being faced by  many persons in the indigenous community who are faced with the export of raw resources as poverty continues to hit the hinterland communities.

He said while foreign companies are allowed to export thousands of logs, indigenous residents have seen their efforts to earn a living by smaller means completely destroyed.

Granger asked members of the Queens community to work along with the APNU+AFC coalition. He told them that  he wants them to return to help in Guyana’s development but the effort must be made by all. He called for a greater partnership as elections approaches.

According to the Presidential Candidate, he will not be doing it alone.

“I am not  a lone ranger, Granger is not a stranger, I am not a danger, I am a game changer and on May 11, the game will be changed”, the APNU+AFC Presidential Candidate declared.

Filed: 23rd March, 2015

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