Norton encourages supporters not to be complacent and to get out early and vote

Norton encourages supporters not to be complacent and to get out early and vote

Chairman of the APNU, Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton has urged supporters of the APNU to not be complacent with the upcoming local elections. He called on the party’s supporters to show up and cast their ballots for the party and its candidates at Monday’s elections.

During a public meeting on the East Coast last evening, Mr. Norton said Monday’s elections must be seen as a vote of no-confidence against the governing People’s Progressive Party, adding that the party’s policies continue to fail the majority of the Guyanese people.

“My friends I urge you, come out Monday and vote overwhelmingly for the Apnu. I say to you, the APNU has the policy, the APNU has the programme and it has the human resource needed to implement them,Norton told the gathering.

According to Norton, the PPP has been an obstacle to development in localities, explaining that the Government has starved many NDCs and townships of their subventions.

He said Guyanese must reject such a strategy outright.

What the government to need to do is to give the NDC and municipalities money and let them account for it and look after the communities, Norton said.

Mr. Norton is confident that the APNU will do well at Monday’s polls. He said his party has been doing a lot of ground work which he is confident will see results.

“My friends, local government is critical, it determines what you will do in your locality, don’t worry with the flags you seeing, flags don’t vote, people do, so let us continue to work on our people, let us target them,” Norton encouraged his supporters.

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