Trotman to Jagdeo: Stay out of Ramotar’s Elections Race

Trotman to Jagdeo: Stay out of Ramotar’s Elections Race

The APNU+AFC coalition on Friday rebuked former President Bharrat Jagdeo, who has been very vocal in recent weeks on the local political scene and the coalition wants him to “stay out of the race” in the lead up to the May 11 polls.

Co – Chair of the coalition’s campaign Raphael Trotman said the impression is that Jagdeo and his “cohorts” are seeking to overshadow
the ruling People’s Progressive Party Civic’s (PPP/C) Presidential Candidate, Donald Ramotar.

Trotman was responding directly to concerns raised by the Former President in which he speculated that the Alliance for Change (AFC) stands to be cheated in its alliance with A Partnership for National Unity (APNU).

“Jagdeo has no moral authority to speak about deceit and who is going to be deceived… his track record speaks for himself,” Trotman who is also an AFC Executive and CO – Founder said.

He called on the ruling Party to clarify whether Jagdeo or the sitting President was leading the Party into the May 11 elections,
highlighting Jagdeo’s recent challenges to debate. Trotman said significant attempts were being made during the week to have the court case which challenges the two term presidential limit to be heard and determined, a case which only Jagdeo stands to

“Somebody with deep pockets seems to be driving his agenda to him back before April 7 (Nomination Day),” he added. Trotman said Jagdeo’s attempts to overshadow the sitting President and the Court Case is no doubt causing trouble within the PPP/C. “The PPP seems to have two candidates… we have one Presidential Candidate and a Prime Ministerial Candidate and no one wants to overshadow the other… Jagdeo should stay out of race.”

When a petition was made by some PPP members for Jagdeo to be the Prime Ministerial Candidate, the former President and the PPP ignored the request and shot down any talk of him wanting to return to active politics. Mr. Jagdeo himself said he was not interested in serving in any elected position.

Trotman asserted that the AFC and APNU have been working quite comfortably with each other and remains committed to the success of the union. Trotman admitted that challenges did exist but committed to surpassing those.


Filed: 27th March, 2015

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