Guyana Star Competition enters Final 30

Guyana Star Competition enters Final 30

After weeks of auditions, singing, tantrums and some very bad voices, the GT&T sponsored Guyana Star competition is finally winding down and now its just 30 competitors remaining in the English segment of the competition.

The competition began with over 800 persons coming forward to try their voices for a shot at the grand prize of a new motor car and $1 Million in cash. Now that just 30 competitors are remaining a few of them are coming out clearly as front runners.

Entertainment watchers and music producers are keeping their eyes set on the 16 year old singer from Berbice as well as a number of the singers from Linden. Georgetown is also still well represented in the competition.

Linden has walked away with the jingle crown three times since the competition began. GT&T officials are said to be very pleased with the level of competition and the direction in which the show is headed.

The Public will soon become involved in the show when it reaches the next rounds as the phone lines will be opened for voting.


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