Luncheon should know suicide is no joke issue in Guyana -WRYM

Dear Editor

The Walter Rodney Youth Movement wishes to state its continued indignation at the choice of language being used by politicians on the campaign trail. Prior to this letter we issued a public statement on the said subject however it cannot go unnoticed the fact that our politicians who are supposed to be professionals continue to indulge in the use of crude language which can be viewed as nothing less than repugnant.

At the recently concluded PPP/C rally in Linden according to (Inews 4/13/2015) Mr. Robeson Benn said “Every election time they bring lil children and women to skin their bamsies at us when we talking”. The choice of words by Mr. Benn leaves much to be desired as his presentation lacked substantive points in relation to his party taking Guyana forward.  His inability to respect the electorate by using such vile language should not go unnoticed and should be condemned by all.

 If that was not as low as a speaker could get the most shocking statement of the day came from the utterance of Mr. Roger Luncheon who said “To give them an opportunity is suicide, national suicide we have to drink some gramoxone together”. We find this statement to be very discombobulating. Must we remind Mr. Luncheon that according to world rankings Guyana sits in 4th place for countries with the highest Suicide rate and 1st in Latin America and the Caribbean.  With those rankings in mind one would believe that Mr. Luncheon  would see this social issue as a matter deserving of serious intervention and not incite such an act by calling for a “national suicide” if the opposition is given the opportunity to govern Guyana.

In closing, Suicide currently has a choke hold on Guyana and we the members of the WRYM wish to remind all supporters of the PPP/C and the Guyanese populace at large that life is worth living, we all have a role to play in the development of this nation even after elections. Further we reiterate our call for politicians to display a higher level of professionalism and consideration during their public presentations, campaigning or no campaign.

Yours truly,

The Walter Rodney Youth Movement


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