Man collapses and dies outside Georgetown Hospital

Man collapsed and died just outside the Georgetown Hospital. Two hours after the discovery of his body, it remained uncovered and on the pavement.

Man collapses and dies outside Georgetown Hospital

A man whose identity is still to be confirmed, collapsed and died outside the Georgetown Public Hospital on Monday morning.  Efforts were being made to locate his his relatives.

The man was carrying an X-ray document with the name “Delly Payne”.

According to reports it was just after 5:30 am on Monday that the man was seen walking along the pavement outside the hospital and spitting into the drain.

An eyewitness said within moments of noticing the man walking, he saw the man suddenly collapse. It is unclear whether any efforts were made to offer him CPR but although he collapsed outside the hospital, he was not checked by any medical professional and the police were summoned and arrived on the scene before any medical help from the hospital.

Up to two hours after the man collapsed, his body remained on the pavement outside the hospital.  Investigations are ongoing.

Filed: 13th April, 2015

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