Jagdeo pleads with Linden and Region 10 for “just a chance”

Former President Bharrat Jagdeo wants citizens of Linden and Region 10 to take a chance and support the PPP Civic administration. The PPP has never pulled in significant support in the bauxite community.

Jagdeo pleads with Linden and Region 10 for “just a chance”

Former President Bharrat Jagdeo on Sunday begged Region Ten residents to give the People’s Progressive Party Civic “a chance” in the opposition controlled district with promises of improved management and an economic turnaround.

Jagdeo who served as President from 1999 to 2011, and now finds himself as a candidate for the PPP Civic, said he rushed back from campaigning in the United States to address the rally in Wismar where he hopes to garner support for the PPP Civic.

He said he wanted to put a dent in the assurances and promises delivered to the residents when A Partnership for National Unity + Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC) coalition held its rally in the community a few weeks back.

Speaking to a small but hyped crowd of party supporters, mostly drawn from outside the town of Linden,  the former
President called on residents to boycott the recently formed coalition and its message of national unity.

The PPP has always failed to gather significant support from the bauxite town but Jagdeo is promising change in the region’s economic standing should the PPP Civic garner more than the seventeen percent of votes it secured at the last elections.

“Give us the power to run this region… let us make a difference,” Jagdeo pleaded.

He reminded of the low voter turnout at the last elections and  predicted that if the voter turnout improves there could be a change in the control the opposition has maintained. Mr. Jagdeo went as far as to ask for the region to vote so that the PPP Civic could secure at least one regional seat in parliament.

“If everyone shows up to vote and we get at least one regional seat, we can use that to make a difference.”

He denied allegations that the ruling party has sidelined the region as a consequence its narrow support for the PPP. saying that “the PPP has been at the forefront of the struggle in linden.”
The former President in turn accused the opposition coalition of resorting to bullyism and intimidation and said persons in the community should “say no to intimidation,”

He said he is proud of the PPP Civic’s record over the last 22 years in government and boasted that Guyana could find the best of leaders in the PPP Presidential Candidate Donald Ramotar and Prime Ministerial Candidate Elizabeth Harper. He said the APNU+AFC unity message is contrived. He claimed that the ruling party was the only national party in Guyana.

President Donald Ramotar in his address to the Linden rally, promised Lindeners that the town and its surrounding communities will all be part of the government’s development plan should the PPP civic be reelected to office.

The President told the rally at Linden that over the years, his government has made moves to develop the country and all of that will continue.

While not offering specifics on development in Linden, Mr. Ramotar said a government under his watch will pave the Linden to Lethem road and he believes that move will create jobs and new businesses.

Back in 2011, during the political campaign, Mr. Ramotar had promised that he would have created over 1000 new jobs once he got into power. Many Lindeners say that promise remains unfulfilled.

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