Four year old dies, after taken to Georgetown Hospital for minor surgery

Four year old dies, after taken to Georgetown Hospital for minor surgery

Heartbroken relatives of a four-year old boy are searching for answers after the toddler died at the Georgetown Hospital early on Tuesday morning after being there for close to a week on life support.

The four-year old boy, Jaden Mars was taken to the hospital last Wednesday after he accidentally cut his tongue at home after a fall on a bucket.

His mother said he was at first taken to the clinic in the West Ruimveldt area and the nurses there after examining the cut on the tongue told the family that it would require stitches and he would need to go to the Georgetown Hospital.

He was healthy and full of energy, according to his family.

At the Georgetown Hospital, Medical officials told his mother that they would need to give him a small dose of anesthetic to allow the stitching of the tongue. It should have been a very minor surgery in the accident and emergency unit of the hospital but after three small doses of the anesthetic failed to fully numb the young boy’s tongue and put him to sleep, the medical team decided that they would need to move him to the theatre and apply more of the anesthetic in a controlled environment. IMG_20131210_103230

That decision proved deadly for the young boy. His mother, Natalie Caseley said her son was healthy and moving about as she accompanied him to the theatre area. “He was his old self, it was just a cut on the tongue from his teeth and it should have been a minor surgery. He was talking fine and asking questions. My son was not sick, he was healthy when he was taken there and I need justice for Jaden right now”, the grief-stricken mother told News Source in an interview from her West Ruimveldt home.

She explained that moments after the small child was taken into the theatre for the surgery, the medical team came out asking her questions about him and about herself.

She said “the entire group came out and asked me if he was my only child, I said no and it was then that they told me that his heart had crashed while the anesthetic was being administered and they were forced to resuscitate him. They told me I need to pray and believe and I was praying since then”.

The 28-year-old mother who has another child and is expecting a third said she was devastated and could not believe what they were saying. She could not understand what could have gone wrong in the surgical room with her son that would have seen a healthy bouncing toddler be thrown into an unconscious state.

She told News Source that her son who was a nursery school student, was fun-loving down to the last time she saw life in him. “While we were sitting there outside the theatre waiting on the Doctors, he was telling me that his tongue was okay and that we should leave but I told him that the surgery would be quick and he will be fine and he reached out his hand to the anesthesiologist and they walked into the room together. That was the last time I saw him full of life and its heart breaking”, she told us.

The young boy remained unconscious and was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit where he remained for the next five days until his death just after midnight on Tuesday morning. He never regained consciousness.

The mother said she never thought that she would have lost her son. She said she prayed every day while he laid in the Intensive Care Unit even as she began her search for answers. His death has devastated the family who remembers him as a loving child who adored football and loved to colour and trace.

Reflecting on her first-born, the mother said “he was the average four-year old, a chatter box who was full of energy. The day before the accident, he dressed himself for school although he missed a button in his shirt and he was so full of life. I am still shocked over this.”

282174_153355864744126_11731_nThe family wants a full-scale investigation into what really happened in the medical theatre.

They are convinced that too much anesthetic may have been administered which resulted in the heart attack or the process was not fully followed the way it should have been followed.

News Source understands that in cases of children, a senior anesthesiologist would have to overlook the process.

News Source has learnt that no senior anesthesiologist. The junior anesthesiologist was the only one present.

Nurses and Doctors at the hospital who are familiar with the case are also said to be devastated by the child’s death and are also searching for answers about what exactly went wrong.

The boy’s mother said all she wants is justice for her son. “I really need justice for my son. He is my first-born and I Love him dearly”, she said.

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