18-year-old woman stabbed to death by 48-year-old lover who attempts suicide

18-year-old woman stabbed to death by 48-year-old lover who attempts suicide

A 48-year-old New Amsterdam man is under police guard at the New Amsterdam hospital after he brutally stabbed his 18-year-old former lover to death less than a week after she ended the relationship. The two were in a relationship for close to two years and welcomed a baby together four months ago.

The man was taken to the hospital after he drank a poisonous substance moments after stabbing the young woman. The dead woman has been identified as Onicka Greaves of Angoy’s Avenue, New Amsterdam. She was stabbed repeatedly to her chest and back on Monday evening in the yard of her New Amsterdam home by the father of her young baby. He has been identified as Robert Stanley.

According to the dead woman’s mother, Abiola Greaves, her daughter ended the relationship with the man and moved to Georgetown just over a week ago to be with a new boyfriend. The woman said her daughter left the couple’s baby in her care but the baby’s father was furious that his teenage love had ended the relationship and started to threaten her.

The threats were not taken seriously according to the mother since the two had a very good relationship when they were together. She said “they never had no problem, but since this girl decide to leave he and she find a new man, he start to tell she that if he can’t get she then nobody can’t get she”.

The mother said her daughter was tricked into returning to New Amsterdam on Monday after the 48-year-old former lover contacted her and told her that the baby was sick. The young lady decided to travel home without checking with her mother. The baby was healthy and there were no complaints but just after 7 o’ clock on Monday evening, the mother said she heard a loud screaming from the yard and when she rushed downstairs, she realised that her daughter had been badly stabbed by the man.

The woman said her daughter told her that he had held her down and covered her mouth while he was stabbing her. She was rushed to the New Amsterdam hospital where doctors fought overnight to save her life. She passed away early on Tuesday morning. The stab wounds to her chest reportedly damaged a number of key organs.

The distraught mother said she will now take care of her four month old granddaughter. She did not want to say much about the child’s father since he remains in hospital after attempting suicide.

The young woman was described as fun loving and a pleasant person. The family remains shocked over the entire incident.




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