Qualfon employees fall ill at workplace

Qualfon employees fall ill at workplace

Several employees of the Qualfon company at Plaisance on the East Coast of Demerara were rushed to the Georgetown Hospital on Tuesday evening after complaining of shortness of breath and asthma like symptoms.

According to some of the workers, there was a total power shut down in the new enclosed building that the company operates in and the employees started to complain about feeling unwell.

 They were taken in the outdoors but many of them started to collapse and were rushed to the hospital where Doctors appeared baffled and overwhelmed by their complaints.

Over 17 of the Qualfon workers were seen by doctors. Company officials are expected to meet with other employees this morning. The company operates an international call centre from its east coast location and provides jobs for scores of young Guyanese. At the Georgetown hospital, many of the workers said they do not know what happened. Some said they believed it may have been the lack of adequate ventilation while the air conditioning was off. Other others wondered if the occurrence had anything to do with the nearby cemetery.

Qualfon is an international call centre based in Guyana. It provides jobs for hundreds of young Guyanese.

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