19 year old Stabbed to Death

19 year old Stabbed to Death

Family members remember 19 year old Jamal Harris as “the most jovial” person you would have ever known. The young man was stabbed to death last evening and his assailant appears unknown. Jamal’s mother, Yvonne Smith told News Source this afternoon that just after 2am Monday she received a call that she should head to the hospital since her son had been stabbed.

The woman said when she got there she had no idea that she would have been greeted with the news of her son’s death. At first she said she was told that “doctors were working on him”, but then she was hit with the news of his demise shortly after she was told she could not be allowed into the Emergency Room where he was lying motionless on a bed.

According to relatives, the young man left his Durban Street, Lodge home around 4pm Sunday afternoon and told them that he had rented a cars with some friends to head to the creek on the Linden Soesdyke Highway. He returned home just after midnight “drop his girlfriend home” and left just after for the seawalls. That was the last they saw of the young man.

The girlfriend, Tandika Hinckson said she was the one who received a frantic call from someone informing her that Jamal had been stabbed. She said the man on the other side of the line never identified himself but frantically told her to head to the Georgetown Hospital because her boyfriend had been stabbed.

When she got there along with other family members, the policeman on duty told them that that the young man was taken to the hospital’s Emergency Unit in the same car that he had rented earlier in the day. He was sprawled on the back seat of the car. The person who drove him there ran away from the hospital leaving the car behind with more questions than answers.

The family said they were told that Jamal was stabbed on the seawalls but there was no way of knowing if that was true. The friends he supposedly partied with at the seawalls are yet to come forward and police investigators do not know where to turn for further information and clarification. The owner of the Car that Jamal rented has since visited the Police to assist with the probe. His car remains in police custody. Jamal’s mother is pleading for anyone with information on the stabbing death of her son to go to the nearest police. She said Jamal never walked alone and “was always with friends. Now I do not know where all of his friends have gone”.

The former Tucville Secondary School student according to relatives had a passion for life with a soft heart for family and friends. His girlfriend said he was always the one to go the extra mile for friends and always the one to stick around to ensure that they were okay. “It is sad that now that he has died in this way, the same friends have disappeared”, she said.

Jamal Harris worked at the New Guyana Pharmaceutical Company as a Maintenance Assistant.

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