23-year-old man kills 15-year-old girlfriend, then commits suicide

23-year-old man kills 15-year-old girlfriend, then commits suicide

Police in Berbice are investigating a gruesome murder/suicide that has rocked the community of Sisters Village. The bodies of 15-year-old Latoya Adams and 23-year-old Kelon Sam were discovered early on Thursday morning. The two shared a relationship which was known to their relatives.

The young man’s body was first discovered just before sunrise on Thursday, hanging from a tree in the back yard of his parents home.

A neighbour woke up and saw the body hanging and alerted relatives who rushed outside to discover that the man had taken his own life. When checks were made moments later at the home of the 15-year-old girlfriend, her body was discovered in her family’s back yard under a mango tree with the throat slashed and a knife still stuck in the neck.

It is believed that the 23-year-old Kelon Sam slashed the throat of his teenaged girlfriend then headed home where he hung himself. A relative said the young man was last seen alive late last night. Police sources say from all appearances, the girlfriend may have been killed during the course of the night.

The relative explained that there was heavy rainfall in the area, so most persons would have gone to bed early. She told News Source that the families knew of the relationship but are unaware of what would have triggered the murder and suicide. The teenaged girl was a student of the Berbice Educational Institute.

A police probe continues.

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