APNU to probe Volda Lawrence’s abstention from vote

APNU to probe Volda Lawrence’s abstention from vote

Leader of the Opposition, David Granger has indicated that his party, A Partnership for National Unity intends to investigate the decision by its Member of Parliament Volda Lawrence to abstain from some key votes in the National Assembly on Thursday that dealt with parts of the supplementary budget provisions for some government sectors.

Many of Lawrence’s own colleagues on the Opposition side of the National Assembly were stunned as she abstained from voting with her party against some items on the supplementary budget. During one vote, the Member of Parliament left the House and that decision resulted in the supplementary budget for the Specialty hospital being passed by the Government.

Another APNU Member of Parliament Deborah Backer was absent from the house for all of the day’s sitting because of ill-health. Her condition was known by the party and her absence was also expected.

Lawrence has reportedly told some colleagues that she was ill and that was her reason for leaving the house. Some persons close to the Opposition party also pointed out that for some of the votes, the Alliance for Change abstained completely and as such, Lawrence’s vote would not have made a difference.

Still, a senior party official explained, “she should have made her vote known rather than sit there and say nothing or explain nothing to the senior party functionaries”.

News Source understands that the APNU and the Peoples National Congress are to meet on the latest issue. Lawrence is the Vice Chairman of the People’s National Congress which makes up the largest part of the APNU.

She has been a very active Member of Parliament for years and has dedicated much of her time to ensure development in the social services and human services sector.


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