Atlantic Gardens woman executed in hail of gunfire

Atlantic Gardens woman executed in hail of gunfire

The wife of a city businessman was gunned down execution style on Monday evening in the Atlantic Gardens area on the East Coast of Demerara.

The dead woman has been identified as Patricia Sanasie. She was shot multiple times to her body in front of the Atlantic Gardens residence.

Persons in the area reported hearing several gunshots before noticing the woman’s body sprawled in front of the yard. She was rushed to the Georgetown Hospital where doctors pronounced her dead.

The woman’s husband is auto dealership owner Ram Sanasie who operates a business in the Alberttown area. Back in 2014, there was an execution attempt on his life and he was convinced that it was his wife who was behind the execution attempt. The two have been in a rocky relationship.

The woman was arrested and eventually released in connection with the investigations into her husband’s shooting. She had expressed concern multiple times about her husband and him threatening her. She believed he was suffering from mental health issues and had even moved to have a restraining order taken out against him.

Investigations have been launched into her death.


12th January, 2015

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