Blue Caps calls on parties to avoid race baiting and scaremongering

Blue Caps calls on parties to avoid race baiting and scaremongering

The non-governmental youth organisation, Blue Caps has welcomed the announcement of the date for national elections while calling on politicians to run an issue based campaign that avoids race baiting and scaremongering.

In a statement, the organisation said it is eager to have elected representatives back in Parliament attending to the business of the people.

“At this time we encourage all political parties to focus their campaign efforts on matters of importance to the people and, at all costs, avoid negative and destructive tactics such as fear mongering and race baiting”, the group said.

Blue caps want the political leaders to make the campaigns issue based since they “should always put the business of the people before personal agendas and ambitions.”

The organisation is also encouraging every eligible voter to “ensure their names are on the voters list and to exercise their democratic right to vote on the assigned date.We urge citizens to ensure peace and stability continues during the elections period.”

“Our fore parents took up arms to secure our right to vote, it should not be treated lightly.”

Blue Caps has been one of many, that has been pressing the government to call local government elections which have not been held since 1994.

“We would like to reiterate our belief that Local Government Elections is the fastest way to see almost immediate change at the community level. We strongly urge the party/parties that constitute the next government to place great emphasis on ensuring Local Government Elections are held shortly thereafter.”


Filed: 28th January, 2015

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