Bosai worker found dead with hands tied behind back

Bosai worker found dead with hands tied behind back

Police at Linden are investigating the murder of a worker attached to the Bosai Bauxite Company. The man who worked in the bauxite mines as an excavator operator was found dead early on Wednesday morning with his hands tied behind his back at the work site.

Police have identified  him as Edgar Trotman.

Investigators were called to the scene just before 7 am as workers for the morning shift were about to begin their day’s work. The body was found a short distance away from the excavator the man was reportedly using to clear out a bauxite mining area.

According to reports out of the bauxite town, his body bore several marks of violence which may indicate that he may have been beaten either before or after he was tied up and left to die.

Relatives of the dead man are shocked over the murder. One relative said they are unaware of any problem the man might have had with anyone.

Police investigators are looking at various motives for the killing including robbery. The relative said the family cannot understand why anyone would want to attack and rob him at work.

The man usually worked the night shift at the bauxite company.

Filed:3rd December, 2014

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