Brazilian killed in ATV crash

Brazilian killed in ATV crash

The Guyana Police Force reported late Saturday that a 37-year-old Brazilian National was killed and another badly injured when the ATV they were riding slammed into a motor lorry at Frenchman in the Siparuni district.

According to the police, the motor lorry and the unregistered All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) were travelling in opposite directions when they collided on a turn along the trail at Frenchman, Siparuni.

The Police said Two Brazilian Nationals, the driver Gerald Rusino and pillion rider Dennis Perries who were on the ATV, received injuries.  Perries subsequently succumbed to his injuries while Gerald Rusino has been admitted to the Mackenzie Hospital.

An investigation into the crash is under way.

The Siparuni area is located in Region 8 and is known for mining activities. The area would be flocked sometimes by foreign nationals involved in the gold trade and gold mining activities.


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