Brazilian miners killed in Guyana mining pit

Brazilian miners killed in Guyana mining pit

Police and mining officials are probing the death of four Brazilian miners at a mining camp at Eteringbang in Guyana’s Essequibo region. The latest tragedy has echoed more calls for more safety practices in the mining districts.

The four men have been identified as Taigo Nunes Pinto, Ronaldo Da Silva Sousa, Joao Nelson Pinto Mands and Joao Gonsalves Martins. While they were in the 40 ft mining pit as part of their gold operations, the soil became loose and covered them completely. They were buried alive and little could have been done to save them.

The bodies were eventually recovered and have been brought to Georgetown for post-mortem examinations.

There have been a number of deaths in the gold mining areas over the past year. There have been calls for tougher sanctions against those companies that do not employ proper mining practices.

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