Cambio dealer and wife “executed”

Cambio dealer and wife “executed”

Police investigators believe a Georgetown businessman and his wife were murdered, execution style in their Turkeyen, east Coast Demerara home just before fire was set to the two-story house.

The dead persons have been identified as Cambio owner and city  businessman, Totaram Mohotoo and his wife Basmattie Mohotoo. Persons in the area said they heard sounds believed to be those of gunshots and a loud explosion just before they saw the entire house engulfed in flames.

Police investigators said they have received reports that residents saw a suspicious car in the area just before the incident.

The fire service arrived at the scene around 1 o’ clock on Friday morning. The blaze was first noticed just after midnight. ¬†house 20

This morning, police and fire investigators were at the scene digging through the debris for clues into the apparent double execution.


Some residents told the police that before the fire service arrived, they made attempts to get into the heavily secured building but they were forced to abort those efforts because of the fire.









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