Another “suspected thief” beaten to death

Another “suspected thief” beaten to death

The Guyana Police Force is issuing a warning to citizens not to take matters into their own hands when they apprehend suspected criminals. The warning from the Police comes after a second man who was suspected to be a thief was badly beaten to death in the Corentyne Village of Port Mourant on Thursday

According to the Police, they received a call about a possible break and entry at a store in Port Mourant but when they got to the scene, they were told that some residents had already beaten the two suspected thieves and were driving them around in a car.

The statement from the Police said when they intercepted the vehicle at Williamsburg, Corentyne, they found 45-year-old Alfred Munroe called “Guana Man”of Manchester, Corentyne, and 18-year-old Annie Persaud called “Short Hair” in the trunk of the vehicle.

The two were tied with rope and there were visible signs of injuries about their bodies. Both persons were taken to the Port Mourant Hospital where Alfred Munroe succumbed to his injuries while Annie Persaud was treated and sent away.

Police investigators have since arrested five persons in connection with the murder. The motor car that the couple were found in has since been detained by the police.

The Guyana Police Force says it will deal with persons who decide to take on vigilante style justice on their own.

On Wednesday, a man who was suspected to be a thief was beaten to death in Sophia, Georgetown. He has been identified as Nigel Lowe. He was found badly beaten and tied to a power pole. Three persons have been arrested in connection with his beating death.

The Guyana Police Force has indicated that “members of the public who apprehend persons suspected of having committed unlawful acts are to hand them over to the police in order that the lawful procedures can take place and not to take the law into their own hands.”


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