Cancer patient Christopher Robinson passes on

Cancer patient Christopher Robinson passes on

One month after he was able to realize his last wish to see his sister after two decades, 26-year-old Guyanese Christopher Robinson passed away on Friday evening at a hospice in New York.

Robinson battled a rare form of cancer and managed to live past the few months that doctors had given him to live. He made headlines earlier this year in New York and Guyana when he got married on his death bed to his long time love then begged for his last wish to be granted. That last wish was for him to see his sister, Michelle, who he had not seen since the two were children.

She had been denied a US visa, but as his story made headlines and US politicians and Guyanese social activists became involved along with the media, the embassy had a change of heart and the woman was granted the visa.

The two embraced each other for hours during what was called “the last reunion”, just moments after she arrived in the United States. She would spend most of her days at his side along with his mother, his wife and other relatives.

Friends who were also at his bedside and visited with him often, said he fought the battle against cancer to the very end and he was brave in that fight.

Filed: 7th March, 2015


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