CANU gets mini bus to boost its drug fight

CANU gets mini bus to boost its drug fight

The Customs Anti Narcotics Unit which has been at the forefront of the fight against the narcotics trade has been presented with a spanking new minibus by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The Ministry of Home Affairs on Monday presented CANU with a mini-bus to assist in its transportation needs. According to the Government Information Agency, the initiative is part of an ongoing process that the Government of Guyana has taken to ensure CANU’s resources are sufficient to fulfill its lawful responsibilities.

At the handing over ceremony, the Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee said all law enforcement agencies, including CANU, will be fully equipped, both with manpower and other necessary resources.

He also noted that despite its challenges CANU has performed very effectively in carrying out its mandate.

“Over the recent past, CANU has been doing a very good job in pursuing individuals who are engaged in the trafficking of narcotics,” the Home Affairs Minister said.

The constant capacity building and improvements at CANU will also send a stern message to persons engaged in drug trafficking, Minister Rohee posited.

The Head of CANU, James Singh after collecting the keys to the new mini bus said “with the donation of this vehicle, there is an increase in our ability to conduct our operations countrywide.” He also said that CANU will continue its work with even greater efficiency.

CANU received just over $70 Million in the 2014 National Budget to assist with its drug fight.

Filed: 30th September, 2014

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