Caribbean Airlines to charge for 2nd checked in piece of luggage

Caribbean Airlines to charge for 2nd checked in piece of luggage

Just in time for the new year, regional carrier, Caribbean Airlines has announced changes to its baggage policy which will now see travelers on the airline only being allowed one carry on piece and one checked bag for free. The 2nd checked bag will now carry a US$25 charge with additional taxes. Currently, travelers are allowed one carry on and two checked-in bags for free.

The new policy and charges will take effect from early in the new year.

According to the airline, “the new policy will be implemented in two phases. Phase one takes effect on tickets purchased on or after December 18, 2014 for travel from January 15th, 2015, on all flights between the Caribbean and Toronto.  Phase two takes effect on tickets purchased on or after February 1, 2015 for travel from April 15, 2015, on all flights throughout the rest of the network. This two-phase introduction allows our customers to adjust and plan ahead.”

But business class passengers will not feel the extra squeeze on the pocket but will now be allowed to check in a third bag for free.

The statement from the airline said “Caribbean Airlines also announces an improvement in its baggage policy for Business Class customers whose free checked baggage allotment will be increased to three pieces.”

The company said it had resisted moving to the new policy, “but in light of most of its competitors charging passengers for all their checked bags, it is left with no choice but to match industry practice to remain competitive. While our competitors continue to showcase low fares, they conveniently fail to mention that bag fees – some in excess of $100 US – are charged to customers. Caribbean Airlines assures its passengers that our fee of 25 US for the 2nd bag is the LOWEST in the industry.”

The new baggage fees for customers will be as follows:

  • One free carry-on @ 7 kg/15 lb (new)
  • 1st checked-bag free @ 23 kg/50 lb (no change)
  • 2nd checked-bag @ 23 kg/50 lb charged at $25 US (new)
  • For travel to/from London, England the 2nd and 3rd bag fee will be 50 GBP (new).

It should be noted that customers traveling within the Caribbean will see a reduction in the present 2nd bag fee from $50 US to $25 US.

Additionally the airline stated that customers who have purchased fully flexible fares in W, Y and K categories will be exempted from the new policy, along with Caribbean Miles members in Executive Gold, Gold and Silver Tier level and 7th Heaven Rewards Executive Gold, Gold and Silver Tier levels.


Filed: 12th December, 2014

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