Carla James no longer heading Guyana Tourism Authority

Carla James no longer heading Guyana Tourism Authority

Director of Tourism Carla James has parted ways with the Guyana Tourism Authority triggering a search for a new Head of the tourism body.

When contacted today, Ms. James said she is no longer at the Tourism Authority. She offered no comment.

Chairman of the Tourism Authority Aubrey Major said the Board recently received the resignation of the Director of the Tourism Authority. He said the resignation was accepted.

James, who served as Deputy Director for a number of years, was appointed in May 2020, succeeding Brian Mullis who did not seek a renewal of his contract when it expired.

At the time of her appointment, the Tourism Authority boasted that she was unanimously identified as the superior and most suitable candidate at the end of a rigorous 4-stage selection process.

She was also described as having a depth and breadth of managerial and industry experience in the tourism sector.

Her selection at the time was praised since she became the first woman and first indigenous person to head the Tourism Authority which falls directly under the Ministry of Tourism.

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