Dr. Faith Harding dies at city hospital

Dr. Faith Harding dies at city hospital

Former Government Minister under the People’s National Congress administration and Child Psychologist Dr. Faith Harding passed away on Friday afternoon at the St. Joseph’s Mercy Hospital.

She was admitted to the hospital in early January after complaints about her breathing. She went into a critical condition moments after being admitted and never fully recovered although she was speaking to family and visitors and her medical team. Her condition worsened over the past few days and relatives were told that the prognosis was gloom.

Dr. Harding fell ill recently and was being treated. Details surrounding her death are sketchy.

After leaving government following the 1992 elections, Dr. Harding served as a Member of Parliament for the People’s National Congress before moving on to work for a number of years under the United Nations umbrella in a number of war-torn African nations.

In 2011, she served as one of hopefuls in the race for Presidential Candidate of the PNC Reform. She has been very outspoken about the politics of Guyana and on a radio programme last year spoke out about the need for a new breed of politics in Guyana.

She was 67 years old and was married to well-known miner Patrick Harding. Together, the two shared one child.


Filed: 23rd January, 2015

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