Edghill says the righteous should vote PPP because Jesus would

Edghill says the righteous should vote PPP because Jesus would

Minister within the Ministry of Finance and controversial evangelist, Bishop Juan Edghill believes that the lord Jesus Christ would still vote PPP Civic if that was possible.

Edghill made the comments on the Hard Talk radio programme on Sunday morning. He repeated the statements which he first made in the run up to the 2011 elections and whMediaich were condemned by Christians and other Believers across the country.

On the Sunday morning talk show Edghill said “I believe that every Christian,  God-fearing and right-thinking person who wants to see righteousness in Guyana should support the team that has produced evidence to show they believe in equality. They believe in equal access, they give opportunities to all people, they better the lives of people, and they are working to alleviate poverty which is a scourge against mankind. They are seeking to ensure that women are empowered, they are seeking to ensure that our senior citizens are taken care of, ensuring that our neighbourhoods are safe…and that’s what the PPP stands for and at the same time, securing our future.”

His comments were immediately criticized on the programme by Opposition coalition member James Bond who said as the son of a Pastor and a believer, he is offended by Edghill’s statements. Bond said the Bishop should leave Jesus out of politics and focus instead on the many missteps made by the current administration.

Edghill who once headed the Ethnic Relations Commission is well known for courting controversy. In last year he said he fully supported statements made by another Pastor that persons who are gay ought to be sent to a special island and made to live there. Recently he was criticized after he made statements that  the Lusignan massacre was influenced by race.

He has always been unapologetic over his remarks.  He once served as Chairman of the Ethnic Relations Commission and found himself on the campaign trail for the PPP Civic as his work ended at that Commission.


Filed: 2nd March 2015

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