Bishop Edghill declares Moses joining with David is “Betrayal”

Bishop Edghill declares Moses joining with David is “Betrayal”

During the 2011 elections campaign for the People’s Progressive Party, Bishop Juan Edghill declared that had Jesus been around in Guyana then, he would have voted PPP Civic.

The statement drew the ire of the Christian community, but Edghill was later selected as the Minister within the Ministry of Finance for the new PPP Civic administration which became a minority government.

As the country, heads into full election mode for the May 11, 2015 polls, Bishop Edghill has found himself back on the campaign trail and this time he has travelled to the East to talk about the recent decision by the opposition parties A Partnership for National Unity and the Alliance For Change to join forces for the upcoming elections.

Speaking on a television programme in Berbice, Bishop Edghill declared that the decision by the AFC to join forces with the APNU was a “betrayal” to the people of Berbice who had supported the party during the last elections. During the 2011 polls, the AFC chipped away at the PPP’s hold in the Berbice area.

Edghill said “The AFC deliberately deceived the people of Berbice, by telling them that they will never join with the PNC, ‘give us your votes’, ‘we will be that independent party’, ‘we will be that group that will weigh the balance of power of parliament’, and low and behold, contrary to what they promised Berbicians, they sold their votes to the APNU so that they can have this relationship of convenience, to be able to destabilise the PPP/C Government”.

Under the new partnership between the APNU and the AFC, the Leader of the APNU, David Granger will serve as the Presidential Candidate while the AFC’s Vice Chairman Moses Nagamootoo will be the Prime Ministerial Candidate.

Both David Granger and Moses Nagamootoo attended the same Primary School in Berbice and they are confident that the place that began their education life will support them in the upcoming elections.

But Edghill believes Berbicians will face a very serious choice on May 11. “This election is a deciding factor; it’s a date when Guyanese would have to choose between moving into the future or going backwards”, he declared.

The APNU and AFC have both said that the time to move Guyana forward from a one party rule situation is now and they want Guyanese to capitalise on the opportunity.

Bishop Edghill is believed to be one of the persons being considered for the Prime Ministerial Candidate position for the PPP Civic slate heading into the elections.


Filed: 17th February, 2015

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