Rohee believes AFC has signed “death warrant” by joining with APNU

Rohee believes AFC has signed “death warrant” by joining with APNU

The governing People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) continues to reject the newly formed alliance between the opposition parties with General Secretary Clement Rohee declaring on Tuesday that the Alliance for Change (AFC) has signed its death warrant.

Rohee has always criticized the AFC for its support to the main opposition, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), over the last three years in the National Assembly and believes that it stands to be the biggest loser following the formation of a pre – elections coalition at the weekend.

” I think the AFC has signed its death warrant, meaning they are quite likely to be the the biggest losers in an elections that is going to be hotly contested in a two way fight”, Rohee said.

The PPP General Secretary remains confident even now that the PPP/C will win the May 11 general elections and says the pre – elections coalition is no threat to the Party although the PPP has consistently been losing voter support since it took office in 1992.

He explained that mistakes were made and subsequent efforts to correct those mistakes were undertaken while dismissing claims that there was underestimation of the AFC’s, particularly Moses Nagamootoo’s, influence in Regions Five and Six.

The Alliance between the AFC and APNU has resulted in a former PPP member, Moses Nagamootoo, being the Prime Ministerial Candidate while Opposition Leader David Granger is the Presidential Candidate.

To this end, Rohee has dismissed such a ticket as a front aimed at creating the impression of leverage while urging the citizenry to join in rejecting what he says are “modern day Judases” and rally around the governing Party.

“He [Nagamootoo] opportunistically accepted with the full knowledge that he is a mere appendix  to a bigger game plan hatched by the Granger led PNC to remove the PPP from office.”

Rohee says the Party is not surprised by the coalition between the APNU and the AFC. “What the PPP found most nauseating is the depth to which both Parties, in particular the AFC, have sunk in their attempt to seek political power. This insatiable appetite for power has resulted in the AFC being forced to swallow their pride having stated that it will never ever enter an alliance with the APNU,” Rohee reasoned.

He criticized mostly the AFC and said the Party is now pushed into the back waters of this new alliance. “The so called Cummingsburg Accord will be remembered with shame in the corridors of time,” Rohee added as he accused the AFC of betrayal.

But even as Rohee has expressed his confidence in the PPP to hold onto the reins of power, the opposition parties are also very confident that the formation of the alliance will see the unseating of the 22 – year – old PPP administration.

The AFC and APNU say they have not contemplated the possibility of the defeat and declare that the weekend that the consummation of the alliance was a watershed political development for Guyana.     (Kurt Campbell report)


Filed: 17th February, 2015

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