Education Ministry withdraws “no crisis” release

Education Ministry withdraws “no crisis” release

Less than an hour after issuing a press release stating that there was “no crisis” in the local education system, the Ministry of Education on Wednesday afternoon withdrew the entire statement claiming that it should not have been sent out as a Ministry of Education press release but rather as a letter to the press written by an overseas based Guyanese. According to the Ministry the overseas Guyanese asked the Ministry of Education to dispatch the letter to the press.  See withdrawal statement below:

“The Ministry of Education wishes to withdraw our press release, “No National Crisis in Education Sector”,Wednesday, August 28th 2013. The content of the release was intended to be a letter that was written by an overseas Guyanese who was asking us to send it to the newspapers for her. Through inadvertence it was sent out as an official statement of the Ministry of Education.

We therefore wish to withdraw the press release and ask that you do not publish its contents. If you have already published the contents of the inadvertent release we ask that you do not republish same and as far as you can that you withdraw same from your forum.

The Ministry apologizes for any inconvenience caused and we thank you for your usual cooperation.”

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