Timehri residents protest relocation plan

Timehri residents protest relocation plan

Several persons on Wednesday afternoon, protested outside a meeting hosted by the Ministry of Works to discuss the relocation of Timehri residents and to clear the way for the expansion of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport.

The protesters claimed they were locked out of the meeting because they raised several concerns. The meeting went ahead as planned with the Minister of Transport Robeson Benn, Airport officials and a number of residents.

Residents in the area have been voicing their worry over plans to relocate them in wake of the airport’s expansion project. Although the project’s funding has been put on hold by the National Assembly, the administration appears set to continue the project.

The Government has said it wants the hundreds of residents to take up new residence in the Moblissa area on land being provided to them. However, there is no compensation package being offered for the relocation or the eventual destruction of their properties.

The Opposition parties have been pressing the government to come up with a better plan that will cater more for the residents.


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