Timehri will be “Airline Cemetery” with new airport -Nagamootoo

Timehri will be “Airline Cemetery” with new airport     -Nagamootoo

The Government’s plan to spend $30 Billion to construct a new airport is not finding favour with Alliance For Change Member of Parliament Moses Nagamootoo.

Initial works paving the way for the construction of the replacement airport at Timehri has already started but Nagamootoo believes that unless a proper feasibility study is completed and presented, the new airport will be a waste of time and taxpayers money.

During his Monday Budget debate speech, Nagamootoo told the National Assembly that ¬†“even with a new airport, not having a viable aviation plan, Timehri will continue to be an airline cemetery –¬†Universal, Travelspan, Red Jet, Easy-Jet, and soon, Delta.”

Nagamootoo was making reference to the number of airlines that have packed up and left Guyana and in some cases the industry all together in recent years.

The AFC Vice Chairman who served as a Member of Parliament and Executive Member for the Peoples Progressive Party before switching sides said the Government’s way of doing business is far from the way that would have been offered by late President and PPP Founder Dr. Cheddi Jagan.106_50bbc828bda92

“It is evident that the post-Jagan PPP governments lack vision, proper planning, and has abandoned all claims to a really sustainable development strategy. This government has plans that are eclectic, that shift and change, to suit prevailing opportunistic needs for enrichment of a few” Nagamootoo said.

The Donald Ramotar Administration appears to be moving full steam ahead with the airport expansion initiative and is banking on Guyana becoming a South American hub as a way of the airport becoming lucrative in this part of the region.

Moses Nagamootoo is not buying into the idea right now saying that “we have to ask the hard questions: Do we need a new airport costing $30 billion when only 12 years ago, we modernized the existing airport at a cost of $6 Billion? Should our government not try to get reliable and affordable airline services before pouring billions into a new airport?”

The Government believes a new airport is needed at this time.

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