“No Crisis in Education sector” -Manickchand

“No Crisis in Education sector”   -Manickchand

Minister of Education Priya Manickchand appears to be fighting back at suggestions from Opposition Leader David Granger that there is a crisis facing the local education sector and there ought to be a Commission of Inquiry to examine the problem and find results.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the Minister of Education acknowledged that there are problems and issues facing the education sector but she does not believe that represents a crisis.

In the statement, the Ministry of Education said it acknowledged from the very onset of the announcement of the 2013 CSEC results that it was dissatisfied with students’ performance in Mathematics and English.

The Ministry said anyone following education trends will know that countries throughout the world are indeed struggling with Mathematics and these include developed countries.

” The Ministry was the first to admit that there is a problem and has been implementing several initiatives to address it. These include Continuous Professional Development Courses in English and Mathematics for teachers, incentives for those teachers who graduate from these courses, additional training for teachers in low performing schools, television programmes for students in Maths and English and the Maths and English pilot programme”, the statement said

The Ministry is of the view that no single-minded approach would solve the problem.

According to the Education Ministry, “in the meantime the Ministry has to acknowledge and encourage students who have done well and the Minister should be applauded for personally meeting these students to offer them congratulations on behalf of all Guyana”

Opposition Leader David Granger at a Friday morning press conference said while it is important to celebrate the successes of students who have performed well at the various examinations, the reality of the situation and the high number of unsuccessful students must not be ignored.

Mr. Granger said his party’s call for a Commission of Inquiry should not be seen as any attack against any person or official, neither should it be seen as a response to recent results, but the move is as a result studies by the APNU over a long period of time across Guyana in all of the administrative regions.

According to the Opposition Leader, the “APNU acknowledges that most students, teachers, parents and officials strive to achieve good results. Students must contend, however, against the adverse conditions and circumstances which plague the public education system. Too many Guyanese children, regrettably, do not enter adulthood and the world of work adequately equipped with the attitudes and ability to enable them to enjoy happy and fulfilling lives after leaving the public schools.”


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